About us

We are growers and marketers of subtropical fruit, so we control at all times the cultivation of our fruits, optimizing the ripening and selecting at the time of harvesting the best product for our customers.

We know how to treat our product, and that is why we are prepared so that all the process that our fruit goes through is adequate to preserve the quality of our mangos, avocados, pitaya and kumquats. From harvest to shipment to our customers, we control every step to make sure they receive what they ordered.

BIOrigen, our commitment to organic. Our goal is always to offer products that respect the environment, responsible consumption and rural development. This effort has been recognized by obtaining the Certificate of Organic Products.

Our team

At ManagĂș Frutas Tropicales, we are proud to introduce you to our passionate team of people dedicated to bringing you the best. From experts in the field to creative minds, each member of our team brings unique skills that merge to bring our company to life.

Meet the people behind ManagĂș:

Foto de Alejandro clavero

Alejandro Clavero, CEO


Consistency and Effort. Her dedication to management is reflected in the consistent quality of her work, exceeding expectations with determination. Her exemplary work ethic not only drives her own growth, but also inspires the entire team to reach new levels of performance.

foto pablo

Pablo Polo, Contable


Orderly and square. Noted for being a meticulous and orderly employee in every task he undertakes. Your orderly approach ensures efficient and accurate execution of assigned responsibilities. Your abilit

foto miguel

Miguel Angel GonzĂĄlez, AdministraciĂłn


Committed and effective. Her proactive approach and efficiency in executing key tasks highlight her valuable contribution to the team. The combination of her undeniable commitment and consistent efficiency makes her an essential asset to the continued success of our team.

foto gines

Ginés García, Marketing & Online


Spontaneous and innovative. Always ready to bring fresh and creative ideas to our projects. His dynamic approach and willingness to take risks has led to innovative solutions that help drive the team’s success.

Foto de Jorge lĂłpez

Jorge LĂłpez, ProducciĂłn


Orderly and tenacious. His tireless tenacity is reflected in his ability to overcome obstacles with determination, ensuring the successful achievement of goals. The combination of his meticulous approach and perseverance positions him as a key pillar in our team.

Foto de Óscar Peláez

Oscar Pelåez, Responsable Almacén y Pedidos


Reliable and loyal. His unwavering loyalty to the company’s objectives is reflected in his constant dedication and willingness to take on additional responsibilities when necessary. His integrity and reliability make him a partner the team can fully rely on.

Foto de Yannick Nublat

Yannick Nublat, Comercial Internacional


Resolute and friendly. His ability to find quick and efficient solutions has been key in solving complex problems. In addition, his cordial and friendly manner creates a harmonious work environment, consolidating his essential role in the team.

Foto de Tony RodrĂ­guez

Tony Rodriguez, Comercial Nacional


Experienced and knowledgeable.His proactive attitude and ability to communicate openly and eloquently facilitates effective collaboration within the team.His constant willingness and communicative nature make him a valuable partner in any work environment.

Foto de Rafael Velasco

Rafael Velasco. Compras y Calidad


Available and articulate.The combination of his consolidated experience and specialized knowledge places him as a key reference, being an essential resource for informed decision making and overall project success.

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